Smart-Inc is one of the few single-source metal roof manufacturers with an in-house coil coating line and an exceptionally broad range of finishes to meet any design objective.


Whether your metal roof design calls for a natural weathered appearance or bright high-performance, full-strength fluorocarbon color – Smart-Inc offers an array of standard finishes.

Custom Metal Roof Colors

Smart-Inc offers a wide range of custom metal roof colors with short lead times and low minimum order requirements depending on the type of substrate. Smart-Inc can match the color of virtually any material, including brick, wood and fabric.

PermaColor 3500
An .8 to .9 mil full strength Kynar 500® fluorocarbon (Polyvinylidene fluoride PVF2) coating over a urethane primer of .2 to. 3 mil on the finish side, with primer and a washcoat on the reverse side of steel.

Smart-Inc's new, ULTRA-Cool™ metal roof low-gloss metal roof coatings are standard on all PermaColor 3500 products and help reduce energy bills up to 50%.


Smart-Inc's spectrum of ULTRA-Cool coatings meets Energy Star® and LEED™ Version 2.2 requirements for reflectivity and emmissivity and comes with a 35-year warranty on the Kynar finish.


Smart-Inc’s Ultra-Cool metal roof coatings dramatically increase the reflectivity of medium to darker color roofs, meeting Energy Star specifications for cool roofs. Consequently, architects and builders can enhance the appearance of their projects with the use of medium and darker colors and save warm weather energy costs because reflectivity keeps the roof and interior spaces cooler.

In addition, the use of Smart-Inc’s Ultra-Cool metal roof coatings has several positive impacts on the roof, its structure and the environment. Heat is reflected away from the building, urban smog is reduced when environmental temperatures are reduced, the life expectancy of the roof increases due to less expansion and contraction and public monetary incentives are available for using reflective roofing products.

Smart-Inc standing seam metal roofs are available in a wide variety of Ultra-Cool colors including dark bronze, charcoal gray and matte black.

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PermaMetallics 2000
Metallic Copper (non-aging) is comprised of a .8 to .9 mil metallic fluorocarbon full strength 70% Kynar 500 finish coating over a urethane primer of .2 to .3 mil on the finish side, with primer and washcoat on the reverse on steel.

Preweathered Galvalume® metal roof coating is comprised of a .8 to .9 mil full strength,70% Kynar 500 fluorocarbon (Poly-vinylidene fluoride PVF2) coating over a urethane primer of .2 to .3 mil on the finish side, with primer and a washcoat on the reverse on steel.

A patented steel coating process comprised of an aluminum/zinc alloy applied by a continuous hot dipping treatment, offering greater corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance, and heat reflectivity.

Smart-Inc now offers a premium steel product known as Galvalume-Plus. This product has the advantage of an acrylic coating to reduce mill finish discoloration. This metal is available as a new hi-tech solution to standard uncoated steel.


*Galvalume and Galvalume-Plus are mill finish products which come with a performance warranty only. There is no cosmetic warranty.

Kynar 500 is a registered trademark of Atochem. N.A. Galvalume® and Galvalume-Plus® are registered trademarks of BIEC International, Inc.
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